We prove the effectiveness of our Qi devices by measuring field strengths reduction. We use professional electromagnetic radiation measurement meters to measure the level of radiation in a room pre and post installation of our device, and compare the results.

The significant reduction in radiation level, post-installation of our device, proves its immediate effectiveness.

A sleep tracker may also be used to measure improvements in sleep quality over time (like a month) post-installation of our device.

A Qi device decreases the level of radiation in the room so that you are able to make phone calls and use WiFi.

The radiation in the room is reduced to a level that is no longer perceived as harmful by the body.

See  biological studies done on our devices for more details.

The Qi-Home attains full effectiveness 12 hours after installation; the Qi-Max, 24 hours.

The Qi-Shield and the Qi-Mobile attain full capacity within a minute.

The Qi devices are available in two categories – the stationary devices and the mobile devices.

The stationary devices consist of the Qi-Home, the Qi-Max, and the Qi-Area.

The Mobile devices consist of the Qi-Shield and the Qi-Mobile.


The Qi device does not require any wired connection,  and it is very simple to install. It does not need electricity or batteries to function. 

Place your stationary Qi device centrally so its field of activity may cover the entire home/building/office/area. 

Ensure the device is placed no less than 50cm (about 2 feet) away from all electrical devices and wall sockets, in order that its field of activity is not restrained.

Also ensure at least 30cm (about 1 foot) upward space between the Qi device and the ceiling or furniture or any item.

No object should be placed on the Qi device, as this may hinder full effect of the device due to uneven energy field build up.

The Qi-Mobile and the Qi-Shield have a minimum lifespan of 5 years.

The Qi-Home, the Qi-Max, and the Qi-Area have 8 years minimum lifespan.

However, the Qi devices will still continue to function after the expiration of their lifespan, but with a gradual drop in  effectiveness level.

The Qi devices will continue to function beyond the expiration of their lifespan, but with gradual drop in effectiveness.

There is yet no proven interaction between the Qi devices and homeopathic remedies.

The mobile devices consist of the Qi-Shield and the Qi-Mobile. Both are to be carried along and kept close to your body.

The Qi-Mobile especially could be put in trousers pockets or jacket pockets, while both may be placed in backpacks, ladies’ outing bags, lap-top bags, or the center console of your car.

Both devices generate a layer of electrons, and place the same on your skin to protect you from the harmful effects of radiations around you.

All the Qi devices protect from 5G radiation, except for the Qi-Mobile which capacity is limited to 4G radiation.

Note that Qi-Shield (though a mobile device) also protects from 5G radiation.

You may order your device through our online shop or send an e-mail to, or visit the contact page on our website.


The possibility of payment by installment is being worked on but not yet available.

The Qi devices are designed to withstand rough handling. 

Checed Science covers shipment to all areas of Africa, except South Africa and Morocco.

The Qi devices are not available for rent.

Avoid taking the Qi-Mobile device to an MRI test, as the cover plate is made of stainless steel, alloyed with gold, which would be attracted in the magnetic resonance tomograph and cause interference with the imaging.

In the x-ray cabin however, the Qi-Mobile can function without any problems.

The Qi devices protect against radiation such as WiFi, mobile phone radiation and electrosmog.

The Qi devices produce negatively charged electrons, which settle on the skin like a protective layer and thus shield the skin from the harmful effects of the radiation.

There is no impairment of reception, as the Qi devices do not change the radiation that is emitted, but rather only protect people from its harmful effect. 

There has been no report of difficulties from any of our customers about airport security screening for the Qi devices. It should be noted that each country has its unique security regulations.

However, please note that only the Qi-Home Cell is suitable for taking along in the cargo hold of an aircraft. For all other products, the low temperatures may cause damage to the products.

The Qi-Home Cell has advanced features over the Qi-Home. The major difference being a more comprehensive protection against radiation, and the additional integrated energy field emitted via the built-in copper ring.

This is noticeable directly on body contact with the device.

The Qi stationary devices work best when placed in a permanent position, and not moved around at will.

If any Qi stationary device is moved from one place to another, the energy field is disturbed and collapses immediately.

It may take a few hours for the energy field to be completely rebuilt. 

The Qi devices can penetrate up to 40cm wall thickness and the energy field is not weakened.

We will approach this issue from two different perspectives.

On one hand, there are empirical test measures that may be employed to prove the effectiveness of the Qi device. We will, therefore, use appropriate technical equipment to test if the device measurably reduces radiation exposure on the body.

On the other hand, the claim of “not feeling” of the device is a bit subjective. Each individual body functions and works in its own unique way, so the effects of the Qi devices may be “felt” differently by each person.

Many people feel the effects of the device quickly and intensely, whereas others with not very sensitive bodies may take longer to begin to feel the effects.

Past experience from testing the devices of customers who reportedly “don’t feel” anything has shown that the devices work in 99.99 % of cases.

Not having an immediate feeling of the effect does not necessarily mean the device is not working. We advise that you give the device, and most importantly yourself, enough time to get to know the technology.

As a means to compare your body condition before and during the use of the Qi device, you may have your blood values checked by your general practitioner.

We recommend a blood test before, and after about 20 to 30 days into the use of the device. Pay particular attention to the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) value in the process. Almost all blood values improve due to protection from harmful radiation.

The Qi-Home Cell has an effectiveness radius of 7.5m (approx 25 feet) in all directions, hence a diameter of 15m (approx 50 feet). 

When centrally positioned, the coverage height will be 50 feet while the coverage area will be 2,500 square feet (approx 232 square meters).

Placing one in the middle floor of a three-floor home will adequately protect the entire home.

The Qi-Max Cell on the other hand has an effectiveness radius of 50m (approx 164 feet) in all directions, hence a diameter of 100m (approx 328 feet).

When centrally positioned, the coverage height will be 328 feet while the coverage area will be 107,584 square feet (approx 10,000 square meters).

For an office complex of not more than 10,000 square meters therefore, only one unit of the Qi-Max Cell is adequate if strategically placed.