Radiation Protection for Farms & Outdoor Areas



Measurements:ca. 51 cm wide
ca. 51 cm long
ca. 30 cm high
Weight:ca. 35 kg
Sphere of action:radius ca. 50 m (upon request 75 m)

With the Qi-Animal, we have developed a device that, with a sphere of action in a radius of 50m, upon request 75m, generates a universally protective effect upon humans, animals and plants.

Naturally, with this model, we focused on performance exclusively, and not so much on aesthetics.

For this purpose, the housing of the Qi-Animal is robust and capable of resisting the harshest operating conditions, because the Qi-Animal is conceived for larger stable complexes and permanent outdoor use.

It is capable of mastering, on a long-term basis, any kind of weather conditions and severe strains. It works flawlessly down to a temperature of -15 °C.

The Qi-Animal is effective in the following areas:

  • energizing water
  • generating life energy
  • protection from harmful radiation effects
  • enhanced air
  • improved quality of foods
  • energy field with a radius from 50 to 75m

Additional advantages at a glance:

  • conceived specifically for livestock farming
  • protects animals and humans from harmful radiation
  • tested technology
  • customers´ field reports available


Measurements:ca. 51 cm wide
ca. 51 cm long
ca. 30 cm high
Weight:ca. 35 kg
Sphere of action:radius ca. 50 m (upon request 75 m)

Our Qi-Area, specifically developed for use in industry and agriculture both indoors and outdoors, offers perfect protection from various kinds of radiation.

For that purpose, it is accommodated in a robust, weather-resistant and tough metal casing.

The Qi-Area generates a sufficient amount of free electrons in a radius of 50m to significantly reduce radiation emitted by low- and high frequency electromagnetic fields.

These free electrons are released into the environment and interact, among others, with positively charged radiation particles.

Test results show that the effects of radiation upon the body are hardly detectable within the sphere of action of the Qi-Area. For you, that means: a significantly reduced adrenaline release, less oxidative stress and less heating of body tissues, for instance caused by cell phone radiation.

These effects are very advantageous for humans, animals, foods and plants.

Thanks to a hexagonal water structure and light frequencies released by the device to water in the environment, our Qi-Technology – effective with the Qi-Area as well – shows a positive effect on your water: surface tension and redox value are reduced, and the taste of the water is improved.


The following positive effects could be detected when using the Qi-Area:

  • longer food shelf life
  • higher yield in agriculture and livestock farming
  • improved product quality reported by producing food manufacturers
  • less bacteria and viruses reported by water suppliers

We also received positive feedback from companies in the construction sector: concrete construction companies reported a higher resilience of concrete when mixed with water restructured by the Qi-Area.

We received similar reports from the metal industry stating that less water was required for cooling down metal.

See what surprises are in store for you and your company when it comes to the positive effects due to less radiation exposure and enhanced water quality when using the Qi-Area!