Qi-Max Cell Oiled Swiss Pine


The Qi-Max is designed for companies and public institutions. It has a larger radius of action than the smaller Qi-Home Cell and thus offers optimal protection against electromagnetic radiation for you and your employees.

In a comprehensive radius of 50m around the Qi-Max, you and your associates are excellently protected from harmful non-ionizing radiation. It picks up this kind of radiation and reduces the field strength in a measurable way so as to comply with the regulatory limits of the Occupational Safety Directive.

It increases ATP production in the blood, considerably promotes mental focus and clarity and reduces headaches caused by radiation exposure.

The Qi-Max is effective in the following area:

  • energizing water
  • generating life energy
  • protection from the effects of harmful radiation
  • enhancing room air
  • current-less generation of life energy
  • protection from radiation of all kinds
  • measurable reduction of existing radiation levels
  • transformation of harmful radiation into useful and beneficial life energy

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 28 cm


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