With Qi-Shield mobile device, you are protected from electromagnetic radiation both at home and on the go. Thanks to its small dimensions and lightweight, you can move freely without having to do without your protection.

Two Qi-Shields provide the same stationary radius of operation that you get with one Qi-Home Cell.

As soon as the device is moved, the operating range will decrease. One Qi-Shield provides mobile protection similar to that provided by two Qi-Mobiles.

The Qi-Shield is the first device that can be used for both portable and stationary protection.

Qi-Shield works in the following areas:

  • Light Water Production
  • EMF protection
  • ATP charging with copper contact
  • Elimination of cell quarantine
  • Restructuring of water
  • Torus field

With the Qi-Shield you are protected against all types of radiation whether you are home or on the go.

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Weight 0.825 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 16 cm


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