Mobile Protection

Guaranteed protection from radiation while on the move, including travel hazards of Cosmic radiation in the airplane, Hotel wireless network, Your cell phone always by your side, etc. It feels so good to know you’re well protected even on the go!

Pocket size mobile radiation protection device


Measurements:ca. 7 cm wide
ca. 10 cm long
ca. 2,5 cm high
Weight:ca. 350g
Sphere of action:radius ca. 1m

When we are at home, we can protect ourselves from the various influences of electromagnetic fields by using the Qi-Home device.

When we are out and about, however, radiation exposure is often considerably higher – and there is therefore a need to take protective measures to counter those conditions.

For this particular reason, we have developed the Qi-Mobile. It is the perfect entry-level product if you want to find out how strongly you react to radiation of various kinds.

The handy, small device can protect you from radiation and its consequences while on the go so that you don’t have to dispense with your smartphone or your laptop.

Without worrying, you can use wireless networks for your job, and you are well protected from radiation exposure when being on an airplane in a height of 30,000 feet.

The Qi-Mobile will cover you with a “protective coat” consisting of negatively charged particles on and around your body, thus protecting you from the consequences of positively charged radiation particles.

We offer the Qi-Mobile in different types of wood with, in part, different features and characteristics.


Measurements:ca. 8 cm wide
ca. 16 cm long
Weight:ca. 0.825kg
Sphere of action:stationary radius ca. 2.5m, mobile radius ca. 1.5m

The Qi-Shield© is a revolutionary powerhouse!

The newest addition to our range of products is compact and lightweight and provides you with unrestricted mobile protection against the effects of electromagnetic, non-ionizing radiation.

The Qi-Shield creates a protective blanket of electrons that keeps you safe in your home, office or when you are on the go.

Combining a number of the best features from our range of products, the Qi-Shield is in a category of its own.

Like our Qi-Mobile it offers great protection on the go, but the Qi-Shield also provides high performance protection in your home or office similar to our Qi-Home Cell.

The Qi-Shield releases electrons, providing you with optimal long-term protection. You are protected from tissue damage as soon as the electrons adhere to your body.

Our products operate through the interaction of electrons and protons; we do not use unproven methods such as vibration-based or wave altering technologies.


Short periods of interaction with the Qi-Shield will greatly improve its effectiveness. 

By simply touching the copper ring several times a day, the extra electrons that are released will help you neutralize free radicals, alleviate electron deficiencies and support your body in the production of ATP.

The more frequent your interaction with the Qi-Shield the greater the changes and stronger the effects that you will notice.