Protection in the Office

All day long protection from radiation in the office environment guarantees optimum productivity of your team.



Measurements:diameter ca. 60 cm, height ca. 28 cm
Weight:ca. 20 kg
Sphere of action:radius ca. 50 m

The Qi-Max is a fast, effective solution and considerably more cost-effective.

The device is placed in the center of the building, and after 24 hours the effect can be measured and detected.

In a radius of 50m, you and your associates are excellently protected from harmful radiation and, in addition, the Qi-Max looks chic and decorative.

Of course, the Qi-Max offers the same advantages that all other Qi devices (except for the Qi-Mobile) feature:

  • energizing water
  • generating life energy
  • protection from harmful radiation effects
  • enhanced air
  • improved quality of foods

Create a comfortable and stress-reduced work environment for you and your associates. Even the plants in your office will react positively to the energy field generated by the Qi-Max.

Additional advantages at a glance:

  • tested technology
  • customer reports of fewer notifications of illness in the company and enhanced working atmosphere
  • no need for adjustment to new frequencies when new wireless networks, Bluetooth or similar sources of radiation are developed

Qi-Max Cell

Measurements:diameter ca. 60 cm, height ca. 28 cm
Weight:ca. 20.5 kg
Sphere of action:radius ca. 50 m
Type of wood:oiled Swiss pine or dark stained beech

In a comprehensive radius of 50m around the Qi-Max, you and your associates are excellently protected from harmful, non-ionizing radiation.

It picks up this kind of radiation and reduces the field strength in a measurable way so as to comply with the regulatory limits of the Occupational Safety Directive.

It increases ATP production in the blood, considerably promotes mental focus and clarity, and reduces headaches caused by radiation exposure.

Utilizing structured water, the Qi-Technology generates electrons, thus allowing for and enabling a current flow. Consequently, the function of our products is not based on information or vibration, and they completely do without an external energy source.

The electrons neutralize free radicals, clean the air from particles with positive electric charge (e.g. dust particles, fungal spores, viruses and bacteria), replenish, among others, depleted reserves of vitamins and, via the respiratory chain, enable the production of life energy and water.

In addition, the Qi-Max Cell deletes and cancels negative structures contained in any water located in its sphere of action, and enriches it with a complete light spectrum as well as more energy.

The new Qi-Max has some additional specific properties: an additional second energy field generated by a copper ring releases a particularly large amount of free electrons into the surroundings.

By touching the copper ring, a direct discharge of the positively charged body takes place, scavenging free radicals and rendering them harmless!


In addition, it is designed for handling the effects of 5G mobile phone technology.

In terms of material and craftsmanship, the Qi-Max has undergone considerable improvements and enhancements, compared to its predecessor. The new product is available in two types of wood, beech and Swiss pine.

Beech wood is, with regard to its structure, very homogeneous and impresses with a lively and vivid grain. With its dark stain, it harmoniously blends with any office environment and impresses with its inconspicuous and elegant look.

The positive features of the Swiss pine with regard to human well-being have already been known for many centuries. With its high content of essential oils, it exudes a pleasant fragrance promoting heart rhythm balance, reducing the pulse rate, and promoting mental focus and clarity.

  • energizing water
  • generating life energy
  • protection from the effects of harmful radiation
  • enhancing room air
  • current-less generation of life energy
  • protection from radiation of all kinds
  • measurable reduction of existing radiation levels
  • transformation of harmful radiation into useful and beneficial life energy
  • generation of a second energy field in the shape of the copper ring
  • cell-available energy by touching the copper ring
  • no loss of energy to be expected = more energy
  • reduces electric smog contamination in the room
  • reduces infrasound (subsonic noise) levels in the environment

Additional advantages at a glance:

  • tested and proven technology
  • customer reports of less sickness notifications at the workplace and enhanced working atmosphere
  • does not have to be adapted to new frequencies in the case that new wireless networks, Bluetooth or similar fr
  • frequency-generating devices will be developed in the future