What Are People Saying About our Devices?



I bought a Qi-Business (now Qi-Max) for my office.

In the office, there are several PCs and monitors in a very small space, and there was always a tense atmosphere.

Especially in the late afternoon, focus and concentration dropped whereas tiredness increased.

After a few days of the installation of the device, a very pleasant atmosphere was noticeable and the tiredness completely disappeared: I am mentally very concentrated and fit until the evening hours.

My ability to recognize problems, analyze them and arrive at solutions had become astonishingly faster and much more effective.

Thank you so much for the development of these very impressive devices!”

Boris Tertan (Sevelen/Switzerland)

Now and then, I travel abroad for professional purposes. Jet lag and discomfort used to be my steady companions during those trips.

However, by the end of April of last year, things had changed: for the first time, I carried the Qi-Mobile with me in my trouser pocket, and when I arrived in Hong Kong, I got off the plane and felt rather very relaxed.

On the return flight from Beijing, I also felt relaxed and comfortable, thanks to the Qi-Mobile. 

My wife was visibly surprised when she found out how easily I had managed the long return journey.

That was a completely new experience for her!

I believe I entirely owe this uplifting experience to the Qi-Mobile.

Alexander Druckenmüller

Since we have placed a Qi-Area on our farm, three of our cows have been calving.

Contrary to former times, the three new calves were much more vital and healthy.

Within only half an hour, all three calves got up on their legs and started drinking shortly after.

Previously, we had to encourage the calves to start drinking, and we even had to give them a little support with it.

Since calves are born without an active immune defense system, it is particularly important that they take in the first colostrum as soon as possible. 

Remarkably, all three calves have also eaten their own placenta this time – something we hadn’t experienced in this way in a long time.

We are very, very satisfied and, from our own experience, we can warmly recommend the Qi-Animal (now Qi-Area) to other farmers without any reservations.

G. Baumann
Farmer, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Since about 2003, I was plagued with sleeping problems.

In 2015, this issue had become so serious in nature that I started hallucinating due to chronic lack of sleep.

A friend of mine recommended the Qi-Home to me and, in mid-May 2015, I installed the Qi-Home.

I asked him when the device would start working, and he replied that it should do so immediately.

Actually, after having installed the Qi-Home, I was able to immediately enjoy a full night sleep.

It is incredible how well I feel, and I can really recommend the device to others.

Lisbeth With

Since September 2014, I have been using the “Qi-Home” and I experience a multitude of positive health effects.

In particular, I appreciate my considerably heightened energy level as well as the noticeable protection from electric smog.

To me, a unique aspect is the strong positive life energy field created without electrical power supply and without batteries.

The many experiments conducted by me with the “Qi-Home” and the “Qi-Mobile” have corroborated the official statements about the devices, and have yielded further reaching positive results as well. 

I know several users of this technology personally, and it is good to know that they are all satisfied with the results.
Something that fascinates me time and again is the fact that, within the stable energy field created, the water in the body, in food, in the air and in the water conduit is also energized.
The sum of these effects upon me could best be described as “considerably improved well-being”.
So I’ll stick with my opinion once before spontaneously expressed in good faith: “The Qi-Home is so far my best investment in my health.”
Lothar Sippel

The first thing we quickly recognized was that our water had a much lower viscosity than before.

Then we realized: we need less sleep, and still we are well rested in the morning.

A common cold only lasted for two days instead, as opposed to about seven or eight days that it usually lasted before.

The subsequent cough period we knew from previous colds was absent. We also enjoy a faster recovery phase after a straining day.

We are very satisfied, and we have also come to the realization that the Qi-Home provides a great benefit for our health.

Rosmarie & Andreas Regen