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With Our Disinfectant Tunnel Cabin, You Will Run Your Business With Everyone Staying Safe!!!.


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Our disinfectant tunnel cabin

Our walk-through tunnel disinfection system uses a combination of ultraviolet light and disinfection spray to keep you, your staff, and your clients safe.

So, now you can run your business without COVID-19 worries! Our disinfection tunnel creates a safe social working space for everyone. Boost your workers’ confidence, earn your clients’ trust, and see your business grow even in the COVID-19 era and beyond, when you install our Disinfection Tunnel Cabin!

Designed to last for years with forward-looking CE standards and aesthetics, our tunnel is befitting of your corporate image. We also offer you the opportunity to customize your tunnel with your corporate identity to further communicate and strengthen your brand image.

Our product, with its unmissable visual appeal, is designed for use in social areas such as public institutions and organizations, schools, hospitals, factories, cinemas, shopping malls, shopping plazas/complexes, gated markets, event centres, clubs, hotels, religious houses/centres, homes, etc.


The COVID-19 pandemic is an eye-opener to possibilities of future public health concerns of the same, or higher magnitude. Smart companies are now implementing measures not only to fight against COVID-19 but also to minimize the impact of any possible future outbreak of public health issues of pandemic nature, on their businesses.

Our Disinfectant Tunnel is one  visionary product that has been carefully engineered to take care of present realities whilst also having the future eventualities covered.

Our customized tunnel cabin not only prevents the spread of COVID-19 but also offers basic sanitization facilities thereby allowing for safe clients and staff passage into your place of business by disinfecting and sanitizing hands, body and face.

In addition to sanitization and disinfection, our tunnel cabin also features infrared technology which allows for thermo scans for body temperatures and uses voice features in the notification of any abnormal readings.

The disinfectant materials in the chamber of our disinfection cabin are discharged through 4 strategically located fogging nozzles which are activated by automatic sensors, thereby covering every part of the body in the disinfecting action. Thus: 

  • No virus can survive the tunnel! 
  • Person to person transfer of virus is truncated in the tunnel!! 

The disinfectant liquid in our tunnel is very tough on bacteria and viruses but so harmless to the human body and system. 

The disinfection agent is colourless, odour-free, non-toxic, and non-staining, with superior cleansing and high debilitating action on all kinds of bacteria and viruses. It is designed to pass the British European Standard BSEN 1276 at 1:300.

The Disinfectant Tunnel Cabin is simple, safe and effective.  There is no need for specialized personnel to operate the system as it is intuitive and intelligent.


Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Our automatic hand sanitizer is powered by sensors which makes it easy and convenient to use without touch. This prevents accumulation of viral/bacterial deposits from otherwise virus/bacteria filled hands

Motion Sensor Operation

From the temperature measurement to hand sanitizing and full body disinfection, the tunnel cabin operates by full motion sensors which makes the experience friendly and convenient for all users

Full Body Disinfection Steaming Spray

The disinfecting agents are discharged through nozzles strategically spread around the cabin to ensure full body coverage in the foggy steaming spray action that leaves no wetness of the body

Infrared Thermometer With Alarm

The Infrared Thermometer comes with an alarm system and voice feature which issues notifications of any high body temperature reading.

Highly Potent Disinfecting Agent

The disinfection agent is colourless, odour-free, non-toxic, and non-staining, with potency on all kinds of bacteria and viruses, and designed to British European Standard BSEN 1276 at 1:300.

Passage Indicator Lights

The tunnel cabin is equipped with infrared lights indicating commencement (red light) of disinfection and completion of same (green light). This ensures each person completes the disinfection process before exiting the cabin

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We offer Free Installation plus 150 days Warranty to assist you On any issue

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